Blog Stats by Country and Over Time

I’ve recently started blogging regularly again, but it’s been several years since I gave it much attention.

A recent blog redesign with a new theme — and *finally* a code formatting plugin that I like helps it to look better. I’m also taking time to put posts in the right categories and add meaningful tags to help people to search the content.

Here’s a snapshot of the new simpler, prettier layout with post summaries on the home page:

Looking back, I can see from my heyday in 2013-2014 where I averaged over 70,000 views, it’s slumped to an all time low of only 5,000 views this year.

But an interesting trend is how many countries I’m reaching. Just this year I’ve had visitors from 115 countries, but over all time, I’ve had visitors from almost every country (202 total!)

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