Tonga volcano eruption felt in Fiji

I was shocked and saddened to hear of the destructive volcanic eruption in Tonga. And while international news has concentrated on possible tsunami effects thousands of miles away in Japan or California, my thoughts and prayers go out to the people of the South Pacific islands, especially Fiji where I lived and have friends.

It looks like the impact on Viti Levu (at least) was not severe but there is little information about what has happened in Tonga where communication has been cut off.

Lau group, being closer to Tonga has seen clouds of ash and debri. And the explosion was heard as far away and Nadi and the Yasawas.

I’d love more information from people in Fiji, Tonga , or other islands in the area.

Here is some interesting information from Fiji talking about the force of the shockwave measure in the air pressure and water levels in Suva:

The Fiji Sun and Fiji Times have articles about the local effects:

Power and communications to Tonga have been cut off.

Ash clouds and heat in Labeka, Lau–5xr8f4/

Tidal surge from Tsunami:

Flights canceled in Fiji due to volcanic ash clouds:

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