SeleniumManager (beta) released with Selenium 4.6.0

So I was working with WebDriverManager this morning and one thing led to another, and I ended up browsing the Selenium source repo (as one does) and saw some curious commits (like these):

mark Selenium Manager implementations as beta

fix the framework conditionals for Selenium Manager

Add Selenium Manager support for Linux & Mac

from an old friend Titus Fortner.

I reached out to ask him about SeleniumManager — and it turns out it’s a replacement for WebDriverManager incorporated into the Selenium codebase (written by Boni Garcia, the original author of WebDriverManager, in Rust).

The various language bindings wrap a Rust binary (which for reasons I didn’t ask can’t be cross compiled with Selenium’s frankenstein 3rd or 4th generation custom build tool) so the SeleniumManager binary is packaged with the source.

Very cool, I thought, and then asked when it’s coming out.

Turns out, it was released today with Selenium 4.6.0

Here’s the official Selenium blog announcement:

Introducing Selenium Manager

Selenium 4.6.0 released

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