One Shore

One Shore is my software QA services company. I specialize in test automation with open source tools.

5 thoughts on “One Shore

    1. The steps I’ve used for Selenium / QC integration are:

      1. Write tests with Selenium using an open source test framework (JUnit/TestNG/PHPUnit/NUnit/RSpec/py.test)

      2. Map your test cases to QC test cases. I described how I did this in detail by extending JUnit in these posts:
      Integrating JUnit tests with HP/Mercury Quality Center

      Note that this isn’t necessarily the way I’d do it now. Annotations are useful, but I think a mapping file is perhaps easier. Simple create a spreadsheet with the QC TestId in one column and the xUnit test name in another column. This is a little trickier with parameterized tests.

      3. Parse the tests results from your test runner and update Quality Center using the OTA API (OTAClient.dll is installed with QC Explorer & can be downloaded from QC. Go to Help->Addins Page->HP Quality Center Client Side Setup Add-in)

      I have a quick example of how to connect to Quality Center using OTAClient here:

      Further details about using OTAClient are forthcoming.
      You can check out my sample QCIntegration project on GitHub:

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