Volunteer in Ecuador

In 2004 Kelsey went to Ecuador to participate in the OSSO program. She did
volunteer work at orphanages and made many new friends there, both Ecuadorian and among the other volunteers.

When I cam back from Fiji, she took me to Ecuador with her to see the place & people she loved so much. In 2007, shortly after getting married, we moved to Cuenca, Ecuador together for 6 months, frequently visiting the orphanages and OSSO house. We returned to the USA after Kelsey got pregnant. 4 years and 2 children later, we’re moving back again.

It’s safe to say Ecuador has a permanent place in our hearts, and that Kelsey’s experience with OSSO has had a major part in shaping our lives.

We want others to have that experience. If you want to volunteer, if you’d like to experience the wonderful Ecuadorian culture, make lifelong friends, and have your heart touched by children who need your love, please consider volunteering for OSSO. If money is a concern, don’t let that be an obstacle.

We can help 1 person with up to 50% of the cost of your OSSO program fees. This doesn’t include the application fee or spending money. Once you’ve been accepted, send us a sponsor letter. Our only stipulation is that you work with all your heart for at least 8 weeks. If you happen to be in Cuenca when we’re there, you can buy us dinner if you’d like to say thanks.

Send us a note if you’re seriously interested or have any questions about our experience. Check out http://orphanagesupport.org for more information.

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