My name is Aaron Evans.  I’m an independent software tester with 20+ years experience.

I quit my job in 2005 and moved to Fiji.   And ended up sailing to Australia before coming back for the girl I left behind.

I currently live in Montana with my wife Kelsey, and our 4 children.  Kelsey maintains our family blog at http://puerquenos.com.

Before I knew Kelsey, she volunteered with an orphanage support program called OSSO in Cuenca, Ecuador.  After getting married, we moved back to Ecuador together.  She worked to help the orphans, and I started my own business.  She still does what she can to help by making and selling crafts, then donating the proceeds to OSSO.  She calls it “project foxfish“.

One Shore is my software services company.  I specialize in test automation with open source tools.  I’m open to consulting, contract, or full time work.

I’m working on a product I call a QA Site.  My aim is to significantly reduce the ramp up time needed for development teams by providing tools and support in the areas of test automation, environment setup, and continuous integration using the cloud.

If you’re interested in working with me,

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Aaron,
    I can’t believe I found you on the internet. I actually found your One Shore website and after reading the bio. I knew it was you. I just wanted to say hi and find out more about your adventures and new family. E-mail me if you’d like to catch up.

  2. Hi,
    I am intrigued by your offer of a free shopping cart with CMS.

    You wrote: “I’m offering a free website to the first responder whose concept I like. I’m willing to include a CMS, shopping cart, blog, forums, and custom code.”

    Well, I was interested in setting up an online store to sell low cost, wholesale sterling silver jewelry. I live in Canada and am quite computer literate but would not classify myself as an expert. I have a product line of 20 items that I would like to sell at the start.

    Would that be enough to intrigue you?

    Alan von Weiler
    Saint John, NB

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