looking for webmail app recommendations

I’ve tried a lot of webmail apps out there. Among the list off the top of my head that I’m hosted are:


I’m currently using Imp on klamathsystems.com and associated domains, specifically for it’s filtering. I’d used procmail filters with Neomail, but it didn’t always play nice with my other mailboxes. I like to use mutt when I ssh. For one-shore, that’s all I do.

I had a fiasco hiring someone to set up email for one-shore last year, where I had to rip everything out and start over, and never got past a simple sendmail POP3.

My number 1 requirement is that I want to be able to see the same mailboxes from the webmail client, mutt, and a rich client like outlook, thunderbird, or evolution. I want my POP3 client to pull from my IMAP inbox so I don’t have to re-read stuff I’ve already deleted or sorted. Same for webmail. Getting webmail to play nicely with a shared IMAP folder is sometimes buggy.

But, the real trick is to be able to store locally my email, even after it’s been IMAP sorted. This is the real clincher for email, and I don’t think there’s a solution. There have been several attempts to bridge the POP/IMAP divide, and even new protocols, but nothing has really taken.

The other trick (entirely doable, just takes time) is to be able to manage multiple addresses (over multiple domains, including gmail and fastmail) with one inbox in a coherent manner. Like I said, it can be done, but involves scripting on multiple hosts, and keeping track is a bear. I like evolution’s vFolders (tags before tags became cool), but would like something serverside like that. Gmail’s labels are similar

Anyway, it’s about time I got one-shore/qa-site/pm-site, etc. set up, and get a workable client solution for qa-sites. I’m open to suggestions, advice, or recommendations.

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