pretty URLs in twiki

TWiki normally has long (somewhat ugly) urls like this:

In order to make them look like this:

change your twiki.conf file to look like the following:

ScriptAlias /wiki/bin/         "/var/www/twiki/bin/"

RewriteEngine on
RedirectMatch ^/wiki/bin/view/(.*) /wiki/$1 [L]

Alias /wiki/pub "/var/www/twiki/pub"
Alias /wiki "/var/www/twiki/bin/view"

Note that the paths used above (such as /var/www/twiki) are dependant on your own installation path.  Also note that this is not the whole twiki.conf file (which itself might be named something else like ‘twiki_http_conf’.  One more note, using a url path /twiki (instead of /wiki) won’t work for reasons explained here:

And another note.  Configure is accessed like so:

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