Taskboard 0.1

After some frustrating false starts and blind alleys, I can finally announce Taskboard 0.1 is complete. It’s really just a prototype, but it has the basic functionality. Now that Iteration 1 is done (sortof), I can move on to Iteration 0.

Here’s the swf:


and here the repository at revision 38:


I still have some cleanup work to do, both with the code and the repository, then I need to go through acceptance (and maybe some testing), but as far as I’m concerned, we’re feature complete.

Here are screenshots of our celebratory feast:

Next I’ll go back and do iteration 0, and get my automated build, deployment, and testing; document requirements and defects; and build a backlog for future iterations.

Then comes the hard part.  After the prep work, I won’t be adding new visible features, but I’ll be refactoring into an MVC framework (Mate & FlexMVCS are candidates), setting up sensible test fixtures, and plugging in the server-side functionality, first with simple HTTP or AMF Service, then with BlazeDS and multiple users.

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