On Productivity: Ducks & Chickens

Sometimes you produce more. Sometimes you produce less.

We got 2 ducks who didn’t start laying eggs until this fall. Since then, they’ve been laying pretty consistently.

Here is their output for the past two days:

The shiny eggs are from today. Every once in a while we get a giant — double sized — egg. It comes with two yolks. But today, we got this tiny little egg.

Did I complain?

No, I did not. I thanked her for the effort.

We also have about 40 chickens. We average about 2 eggs a day from them. But they laid all summer. There are still a couple hens that lay eggs – usually in the goat barn. (They’re leghorns, by the way). We’ll continue to feed the rest through the winter, knowing they’ll start producing again in spring.

There might be a work analogy in there somewhere.

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